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Goldman Sachs, Forbes 30 Under 30, Thiel Fellow, Harvard CS

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September 9, 2018

AboutZachary Hamed is a 🗽-based design-focused engineer who enjoys designing, building, and selling software.

Previously, I helped build the product team at Goldman Sachs, co-founded a startup in the enterprise developer tools space, and some other stuff I'll talk about below.

IntroI'm a product-focused designer and developer who most recently helped build the product management team for Goldman Sachs’ web platform Marquee, which caters to institutional clients. In three years, we scaled from a one-pizza team to a ten-pizza team, increasing trades through our web and API offerings to billions of dollars.

Previously, I co-founded a startup in the developer tools space attempting to simplify the process of setting up new development environments. I also interned at tech-focused investment bank Allen & Company and hardware company Jawbone, where I helped to design the UP Coffee app.

Goldman Sachs Marquee / GS Marquee

Work Experience: Goldman Sachs Marquee

Over 3 years, we built one of the most sophisticated fintech platforms in institutional finance, allowing Goldman's biggest clients to read research reports, analyze their portfolios, understand their risk, and execute trades.

We also built an entire API platform, allowing developers to interact with the bank programmatically and enabling an entirely new interaction and business model for our clients.

The team is now a startup within Goldman Sachs, with product, design, and engineering dedicated to transforming the future of institutional finance. Watch our CIO-turned-CFO Marty Chavez discuss what we built — and if you're interested, they're hiring.

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